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Carthage in Bloom

Beautifying Carthage one flower at a time.

Carthage in Bloom, which began in 2018 with the purpose of beautifying the city with flowers, has since blossomed into something more significant.


Carthage in Bloom

Carthage in Bloom started in 2018 with a simple and beautiful goal: to add flowers to our city and make it more appealing. But it's grown into something bigger than we ever imagined. While we still love our flowers, this program has expanded its horizons.


Now, Carthage in Bloom is all about enhancing the overall appearance of our town. Whether it's sprucing up roundabouts, giving parking lots a makeover, or adding charm to the Downtown Historic District, this initiative has truly transformed our community. The hardworking volunteers behind Carthage in Bloom have poured their hearts into these projects, leaving a lasting and visible mark of their dedication.


For this wonderful initiative to stay alive and flourish, we need volunteers passionate about beautifying the community and those willing to donate funds for beautification projects. To find out how to support this initiative, click below. Together, we can continue to make our town an even better place to live and visit.

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Garden in Bloom

We hold an annual Garden in Bloom Awards program to highlight and celebrate the gardens and landscapes that make Carthage a more beautiful place. During this annual program we take nominations from the community, asking them to select gardens they have noticed and wish to see recognized.

Special Thanks to our Project Partners

Helen S. Boylan Foundation - Christmas Hanging Baskets

Carthage Community Foundation - Flowers on the Square

Dogwood Garden Club - 2023 Garden in Bloom Yard Signs

Mimosa Garden Club - Fall Flowers for the Square

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