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A Recap on Hometown Holidays: A Festive Fling of Community Beautification"

Carthage sparkled with holiday magic during our Hometown Holidays event, a festive series

that brought our community together for a week of merriment and joy. Let's unwrap the highlights from each enchanting occasion:

Candy Cane Hunt (November 28th at 6:30): Under the radiant glow of Sparkle in the Park, courtesy of CWEP, Central Park transformed into a candy cane wonderland on Tuesday night. The Carthage Community Foundation sweetened the experience by sponsoring our delightful Candy Cane Hunt, where little ones gleefully searched for hidden treasures. The twinkling lights guided their way, turning Central Park into a magical playground of discovery.

Movie Night (November 30th at 6:30): The enchantment continued at the Carthage R-9 Auditorium, where hearts grew three sizes during our Movie Night featuring the timeless classic, 'The Grinch.' The green mischief-maker himself made a special appearance for heartwarming photo ops, and an intermission allowed everyone to savor Christmas popcorn and Grinch juice, making the night a cinematic delight.

Shopping Crawl (December 1st - December 2nd): Carthage's vibrant community spirit shone during the two-day Shopping Crawl, as 21 local businesses welcomed over 150 eager participants. Britney Fagg emerged as the ultimate crawler, claiming victory with a stack of $25 gift cards from each participating business. The streets buzzed with holiday cheer as our town supported many local businesses!

Family Fun Night (December 1st from 5:00 till 8:30): The Little Venue of Carthage transformed into a festive playground for Family Fun Night, offering an overflow of delights for the kiddos. From Santa snapshots to bounce house adventures, face painting, and a heartwarming Story Time at the Carthage Public Library, families reveled in the holiday spirit. Culinary delights were also on hand, with Fried Fancies and Weekend Grind, LLC serving up delicious drinks.

Mayor's Tree Lighting (December 4th at 6:30PM): Mayor Dan Rife cast a radiant glow over the historic Jasper County Courthouse during the Mayor's Tree Lighting ceremony. The Christmas tree illuminated, casting its festive glow on the surrounding businesses that were also light up with the tree. The evening continued with the Annual Carthage Christmas Parade, a Candyland presented by Skills USA at the Carthage Technical Center.

In the tapestry of Carthage's Hometown Holidays, each event was a unique thread, weaving together the magic and warmth that define the holiday season. Our community came alive with the spirit of togetherness, creating cherished memories that will linger in our hearts until the next season of joy arrives.

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